"Just keep practicing! Keep singing! You'll get better."

...but what does that even mean?

You don't improve your singing voice just by singing more... there's so many different ways you can sing better! I developed a 7-Day-Singing Course that is designed to teach you ways to improve your singing voice just one day at a time. This is best for beginners, but anyone can learn to improve their voice!

What You'll Be Learning!

Build your confidence, train your ears and train your voice.

  • 1

    Introductions! 📚

    • Welcome to the 7-Day Singing Course!

    • Join The EXCLUSIVE Vocal Vibez Facebook Community of Singers!

    • What You NEED For This 7-Day Singing Course.

    • Submit Your "Before" Singing Video!

  • 2

    How To Maintain A Healthy Singing Voice!

    • Best Tips To A Healthy Singing Voice.

    • Maintaining A Healthy Singing Voice Guide! (Print or Download)

  • 3

    Training Your Mindset. 🧠

    • What Are Your 3 Reasons Why?

    • Why You Should NEVER Quit Singing.

    • This Is Why You Feel Lazy and Unmotivated.

    • How To Build Self-Confidence and Deal with HATERS!

    • My Story + Training Your Mindset Guide! (Download or Print)

  • 4

    Training Your Ears. 🎧

    • Why You Should Train Your Ears Before Your Voice!

    • Which Note Is Higher?

    • ASMR Guitar Tuning Practice!

    • ASMR Ukulele Tuning Practice!

    • Ear Training Practice: Match Pitch! - Humming

    • Ear Training Practice: Match Note 3x Each

    • Download Ear Training Program .mp3 file!

  • 5

    Train Your Breathing. 💨

    • How To Breathe From Your Diaphragm!

    • What is a Diaphragm?

  • 6

    Understanding Music Notes.

    • Understanding the Musical Alphabet!

    • What are Octaves?

    • What are Sharps and Flats?

    • Understanding Music Notes! (Print or Download)

  • 7

    Daily Singing Workout for Beginners!

    • DAILY VOCAL TRAINING SCHEDULE! - Vocal Vibez Workout Program

    • Stretch & Relax, Massage Jaw and Throat!

    • 10 Minute Self-Guided Meditation

    • Belly Breathing Exercise

    • Hum-Ah Exercise

    • Sustained Chest & Head Voice Exercise

    • Nasal Sirens Exercise

    • Sigh Dips Exercise

    • Chest & Head Voice: Up & Down Exercise

    • Head & Chest Voice: Circles Riff Exercise

    • Daily Vocal Workout Full Exercise! (.mp3)

  • 8

    #1 Tip For Beginner Singers!

    • The #1 Tip For Beginner Singers! (100% Effective)

    • Understanding How Your Voice Works.

    • How The Vocal Cords Work!

  • 9

    How To Find Your Natural Voice!

    • What Is Your Vocal Range?

    • How To Find Your Natural Voice!

    • Finding Your Sound and Style.

  • 10

    How To Sing with A Better Tone!

    • How To Sing with a Better Tone!

    • How To Sing with a Better Tone Checklist! (Download or Print)

  • 11

    How To Sing Riffs & Runs!

    • How To Learn To Sing Riffs & Runs

    • Riffs & Runs Exercise

    • How To Sing Riffs & Runs (Download or Print)

  • 12

    How To Increase Your Vocal Range!

    • How To Increase Your Vocal Range!

    • Increase Your Range! (Downloadable Checklist)

  • 13


    • How To Build A Singing Setup!

    • How To Write A Song! (5 Best Tips)

    • How To Sing Clear High Notes!

    • How To Take Care Of Your Voice IF You Get Sick!

    • How To Upload Your Original Songs on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tik Tok etc.

Bonus Content!

Improve your musical skills.

  • Build Your Mini-Recording Studio!

    You will learn how to set up your own singing studio or karaoke practice area!

  • Start Developing Your Songwriting Skills!

    I teach you the basics to writing your songs. I will go in depth and guide you on ways to improve your creativity.

  • Get EXCLUSIVE access to Vocal Vibez Facebook Community!

    Join the community of singers who are taking this program along with you! I will also be active in this forum to answer your questions or concerns. You can also just share your journey with other singers!

This course isn't for you IF...

You aren't ready to work hard and train your voice every single day to see results beyond the 7 Days. I'm not here to turn you into Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey in 1 week. I'm here to help you find your voice and develop it with a vocal workout program that may change your life. This goes far beyond the 7 days. You got this.

My Singing Tips Have Helped People Worldwide!

I'm not a vocal coach or an expert, but I know ways I can teach you how to develop your singing voice. Click here!

Download or Print Checklists & Guides!

+ (.mp3 files for Vocal Workouts)

I want these 7 days to be easy & fun for you to learn more about music! Perfect for beginners and intermediate singers.

You will FINALLY understand the keys on a piano!

If you don't have a piano to follow along to, you can use an online piano! This will help you do the vocal exercises ALL BY YOURSELF!

7-Day Singing Course Taught by Zane Rima!

You will learn how to train your voice & have fun doing it!

  • Train your brain to work hard. Build self-confidence in your singing abilities.

  • Train your ears to be sensitive to pitch. If you have trouble staying on-key or understanding notes, this program will cover it!

  • Train your voice to work with you while singing!

  • Develop your tonality, increase your vocal range, and improve your agility in your riffs and runs!


  • When does the 7-Day Singing Course begin?

    The day you enroll, you can begin following the class. It is designed to give you certain lessons and exercises each day for 7 days. You can't watch all the content in 1 day!! Don't try me lol.

  • What is included in the singing course?

    - Video Tutorials, Vocal Workout Programs, Singing Meditation, Ear Training Sessions, (.mp3 downloads for vocal exercises), Lifestyle Guides etc.

  • Can I really improve my singing?

    Yes. Anyone can train their voice to sound better than before! How? You'll find out.

  • What happens after the 7 Days?

    After the 7 days, you will always have access to the videos and downloadable guides! You will have all the tools you need to continue your vocal training.

  • Is this singing course good for people who are good at singing?

    This course will help complete beginners who don't know a thing about singing, and singers who know how to use their voice but wants to have access to all the training guides and helpful tips!

  • Is the course out yet?

    The program should be ready to start by February 2021! Create an account and be notified when it is available. Sign up now!

If you pre-ordered, you will get an early access notification in the next week!

(Officially releases in February 2021 for everyone else!)

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