"Just keep practicing! Keep singing! You'll get better."

...but what does that even mean?

No one tells you HOW you should practice. They don't say WHAT your should practice. In this 7-Day-Singing Course you will learn everything you need to train your mind, ears, and your voice!
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You will learn how to...

  • Train your brain to take on challenges. Build your self-confidence in your singing abilities.

  • Train your ears to be more sensitive to pitch. If you have trouble staying on-key or understanding notes, then this program is for you.

  • Train your voice to be more POWERFUL and RESONANT.

  • Develop your tonality, increase your vocal range, and improve your agility in your riffs and runs!

What is in this 7-Day Singing Course?

*click each chapter to see the lessons!*

  • 1

    Introductions! 📚

    • Welcome to the 7-Day Singing Course!

    • Join The EXCLUSIVE Vocal Vibez Facebook Community of Singers!

    • Introduce Yourself! 🎙

    • Vocal Vibez 7-Day Singing Course! (Blueprint)

    • What You Need For This 7-Day Singing Course.

    • (Day 1) Submit Your "Before" Singing Video! 🎥

  • 2

    How To Maintain A Healthy Singing Voice!

    • Best Tips To A Healthy Singing Voice.

    • How To Maintain a Healthy Singing Voice! (Guide)

    • 5 Ways To Clear & Heal Your Voice!

  • 3

    Training Your Mindset. 🧠

    • What Are Your 3 Reasons Why?

    • Why You Should NEVER Quit Singing.

    • This Is Why You Might Feel Lazy and Unmotivated.

    • How To Build Self-Confidence and Deal with HATERS!

    • My Story...

  • 4

    Train Your Breathing. 💨

    • How To Breathe From Your Diaphragm!

  • 5

    Understanding Music Notes. 🎹

    • Understanding Music Notes for Beginners!

  • 6

    Training Your Ears. 🎧

    • Why You Should Train Your Ears Before Your Voice!

    • ASMR Ear Tuning Practice!

    • ASMR Ear Training Practice!

    • ASMR Ear Training Practice Quiz!

    • Daily Ear Training Practice: Match Pitch! (.wav)

  • 7

    #1 Tip For Beginner Singers!

    • The #1 Tip For Beginner Singers! (100% Effective)

    • Understanding How Your Voice Works.

    • How The Vocal Cords Work!

  • 8

    How To Find Your Natural Voice!

    • How To Find Your Natural Voice!

    • What Is Your Vocal Range?

    • Finding Your Sound and Style.

  • 9

    How To Sing with A Better Tone!

    • Tone Quality Training

  • 10

    How To Sing Riffs & Runs!

    • Riffs & Runs Training

    • How To Learn Riffs & Runs!

  • 11

    How To Increase Your Vocal Range!

    • Vocal Range Training!

  • 12

    Daily Singing Workout for Beginners!


    • Guided Meditation for Singers (.wav)

    • Meditation for Singers without Guide (.wav)

    • Daily Vocal Workout: Training Your Tone Quality! (Monday/Friday)

    • Daily Vocal Workout: Training Your Riffs & Runs! (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)

    • Daily Vocal Workout: Training Your Vocal Range! (Wednesday/Sunday)

    • Full Vocal Workout for Tone Quality, Riffs & Runs, and Vocal Range! (.wav files)

  • 13

    Downloadable Daily Vocal Workouts! (.wav)

    • Tone Quality Vocal Workout!

  • 14

    Track Your Singing Progress!

    • Vocal Vibez 1.0 Quiz

    • (Day 7) Submit Your "After" Singing Video! 🎥

  • 15


    • How To Build A Singing Setup!

    • How To Write A Song! (5 Best Tips)

    • How To Take Care Of Your Voice IF You Get Sick!

    • How To Upload Your Original Songs on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tik Tok etc.

Daily Vocal Workout Programs!

But before each training session, you follow a vocal warm up.

  • Tone Quality Training

    You will perform certain vocal exercises to enhance and gain control of your voice and tone quality.

  • Riffs & Runs Training

    Training your vocal agility will force your voice to move faster to follow the vocal exercises. Do this consistently, and you will hear the difference in your singing!

  • Vocal Range

    You train your voice with these 3 singing exercises so that you can expand your vocal range overtime.

Download Progress Checklists & Vocal Workouts!

(Have the .wav files on your phone or laptop)

Print or Download the progress checklists for each Vocal Workouts. Track the notes you are hitting and see yourself improve!

Vocal Vibez 7-Day Singing Course Reviews! 😍

5 star rating

Helps me a lot!!!

怡臻 陳

I find that it's way easier for me to hit certain high notes after the 7 days course. Also, the mental training helps me in a lot of ways that I could not im...

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I find that it's way easier for me to hit certain high notes after the 7 days course. Also, the mental training helps me in a lot of ways that I could not imaging! Great course!

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5 star rating

Seriously phenomenal!!

Giana LaValle

Zane, I have been singing since before I could walk, but I still had more to learn from you. Not only do you go into detail about proper mechanics and techn...

Read More

Zane, I have been singing since before I could walk, but I still had more to learn from you. Not only do you go into detail about proper mechanics and techniques to develop your voice, but you are able to train a singer's mindset. Not many people are capable of doing this in such an effective and amazing way. Zane really gives you all the tools needed to succeed, regardless of your skill level, and this course was worth every penny for me. I am now able to say I hear a difference in my voice after practicing the material. Not to mention, the singer's anatomy was interesting as well! I highly recommend this course. Zane, I wish for infinite success and abundance for you in your life; you work hard and do great things for people. We can't thank you enough!

Read Less
5 star rating

Overall Thoughts on Course

Alyanna Livelo

This course has helped me a lot with improving my voice. I was able to learn proper breathing techniques and have a better understanding of how to control my...

Read More

This course has helped me a lot with improving my voice. I was able to learn proper breathing techniques and have a better understanding of how to control my voice properly. I was also able to have a vocal lesson with Zane. She was very helpful and sweet. She helped me with belting and I used to have a hard time with it because I am so used to using my head voice, but Zane gave me tips on how to do it properly. Overall, this course was very helpful and interesting. It's definitely worth the money and you are able to go back to it and use all the videos to help you in the future.

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Find your passion.

Sing your best in 1 week.

Don't keep procrastinating your dream of becoming a singer.

Before the 7 Days...

(Student Result)

Rushali said she was also fighting a cold in this "before" submission. Her voice was already gorgeous. However, I knew there was more potential in her voice that she could bring out.

After reviewing her "before" video, I personally messaged her techniques to focus on while taking the course. She made sure to look out for the following tips that could improve her singing voice.

  • strong breath control during each phrase
  • maintaining a consistent Tone of Voice
  • adjusting the placement of her voice
  • flexibility with her notes

(Everything is explained in detail in the 7-Day Course)

*I have my students submit a "before" video prior to taking this course. I review and provide personalized tips and specific examples to adjust in their "after" video* 🎙🤩

She finished the course 100% and did not slack off.

Determination and consistency is KEY.

Rushali was not a quitter!

...After the 7 Days

(Student Result)

Subtle changes can make a HUGE difference. I can already hear that after 7 days of following the tips and exercises consistently, her voice began to bloom!

Changes I noticed:

  • she radiated with CONFIDENCE
  • that confidence helped bring out her voice
  • her tone of voice was more consistent and did not fall off-key
  • towards the end she was more flexible with her riffs & runs
  • her placement of her voice sounds more FULL and stronger

Ex: Compare the section in both videos, when singing "Every time I see you I die a little more" 🎙(0:06-0:10)

You can hear that quick fix! AMAZANE.

You can have results just like Rushali! If this was her voice after about 7 days, imagine what her voice sounds like after a month and after a year! Keep up with the training and follow the exercises everyday and your voice will continue to blossom. So proud of her.

Be part of an exclusive Facebook Community of Singers like you!

Learn more singing tips from me or your classmates who are taking the course with you, or have taken it already!

Download or Print Checklists & Guides!

+ (.mp3 files for Vocal Workouts)

I want these 7 days to be easy & fun for you to learn more about music! Perfect for beginners and intermediate singers.

You will FINALLY understand the keys on a piano!

If you don't have a piano to follow along to, you can use an online piano! This will help you do the vocal exercises ALL BY YOURSELF!

Bonus Chapter!

Tips To Improve your musical skills.

  • Build Your Mini-Recording Studio!

    You will learn how to set up your own singing studio or karaoke practice area!

  • Start Developing Your Songwriting Skills!

    I teach you the basics to writing your own original songs. I will guide you on ways to improve your creativity and workflow.

  • How To Get Your Original Songs On SPOTIFY, iTunes, TikTok etc.

    Ever wondered how people put their songs on music streaming platforms WITHOUT needing a record label?

This course isn't for you IF...

you aren't ready to work hard and train your voice every single day to see results beyond the 7 Days. Don't waste your time or money if you're not going to follow this program. I'm not here to turn you into Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey in 1 week. I'm here to help you find your voice and develop it with a vocal workout program that may change your life and build self-confidence and discipline. This goes far beyond the 7 days. You got this.

Is this you? ⤵


  • When does the 7-Day Singing Course begin?

    The day you enroll, you can begin following the class. It is designed to give you certain lessons and exercises each day for 7 days. You can't watch all the content in 1 day. This way you can focus on one topic at a time!

  • What is included in the singing course?

    Each chapter covers the basics and fundamentals about your voice and music theory. You will learn to develop and train your skills as a singer! Challenge yourself.

  • Can I really improve my singing?

    Anyone can improve in their singing if they practice hard enough and are open to trying new techniques with their singing voice. If you have learned an unhealthy way of singing, you have to unteach yourself that and reprogram your musical senses. You can learn that in this course!

  • Is this singing course good for people who are good at singing?

    This course will help complete beginners who don't know a thing about singing, and singers who know how to use their voice but wants to have access to all the training guides and helpful tips!

  • What happens after the 7 Days?

    You will have unlimited access to the videos and downloadable guides! You will have all the tools you need to continue your vocal training. Train your voice and breathing everyday.

  • Does this come with a vocal lesson with Zane?

    Unfortunately, it does not. That offer was exclusive to those who pre-ordered this course.

  • Is the course out yet?

    YES. Enroll today and you can start today or on a Monday! Just don't slack off and procrastinate. Take this course day by day to see yourself improve.

  • Can I get a refund?

    I will accept refunds IF it's before the 3rd day of enrollment in the course. Anything past that, I cannot issue refunds because of the downloadable contents given for each day.