Can Whistle Notes Damage Your Voice?

If you sing whistle notes with the improper technique, you are at risk for damaging your voice. In the 7 Day Whistle Course, you will learn all the healthy ways to perform in the Whistle Register.
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Whistle Notes Examples

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7-Day Whistle Note Course

Learn everything I learned about the Whistle Register in 5 years for only 7 days.

  • Downloadable Whistle Note Exercises! (.mp3)

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  • Learn to sing ANY Whistle Register Song!

To AVOID Vocal Damage...

I will unlock each section one day at a time.

  • 1

    Introduction 🎙

    • Meet Your Whistle Note Mentor!

    • Good Whistle Notes vs. Bad Whistle Notes

    • Can anyone sing whistle notes? (Male or Female)

    • IF You Lose Your Whistle Register...

    • Submit Your Whistle Note Video!

  • 2

    Ear Training Practice! (Day 1)

    • Why You Should Ear Train When Learning Whistle Notes.

    • ASMR Tuning Ukulele! (Practice)

    • Hum The Whistle Riff! (Practice)

    • ASMR Mariah Carey Whistle Note Compilation.

    • Downloadable Ear Training Practice! (.mp3 file)

  • 3

    Finding Your Whistle Register! (Day 2)

    • How To Find Your Whistle Voice!

    • How To Do Buzzers! You Need This.

  • 4

    Whistle Register Daily Workout! (Day 3)

    • Daily Warm Whistle Register Warm Up! (Step-by-Step)

    • Downloadable Daily Whistle Register Warm Up! (.mp3)

    • BONUS: Don't Sing Whistle Notes Through Your Nose!

    • Whistle Register Warm Up Routine Checklist! (Print or Download)

  • 5

    How To Make Your Whistle Notes Sound Better! (Day 4)

    • How To Sing Whistle Notes without Sounding NASAL.

    • How To Prevent DRY Whistle Notes

    • Practice this whistle exercise

    • Why People LOSE Their Whistle Register.

    • Downloadable Tone Quality Exercise! (.mp3)

  • 6

    Riffs & Runs in The Whistle Register! (Day 5)

    • How To Gain Control in The Whistle Register

    • Follow The Whistle Note! (SINGING GAME)

    • Guess The Note! (PRACTICE & GAME)

    • Do You Have Any Questions So Far into This Whistle Register Course? (If No, then type "Nah")

    • Downloadable Whistle Register Riffs & Runs Practice! (.mp3)

  • 7

    Practice Your Whistle Register in Songs! (Day 6)

    • Track Your Progress!

    • Find Your Whistle Range!

    • There are plenty of whistle notes to practice from! (Artists and songs)

    • How To Sing Whistle Notes in Songs!

    • Important Key Notes To Remember About Whistle Notes!

    • Downloadable TOP 3 Favorite Whistle Note Practice Songs! (.mp3)

  • 8

    How To Increase Whistle Range! (Day 7)

    • How To Sing Higher Whistle Notes!

    • Increasing Your Vocal Range! (Practice)

  • 9

    Track Your Whistle Note Progress!

    • Submit Your Singing Video!